Monday, April 11, 2011

Pig Skin Lining Dilemma

Major dilemmas have been brought up recently in online shopping..regarding the pig skin lining issue.

As a muslim seller,I myself was not sure on how to check on the pig skin lining at first (forgive me as I'm not a pig skin lining scholar)..So I checked with the supplier again and again..googled up some articles..and finally,I think I have found the answer.

First of all,How do we know that it is not made of pig skin lining?

Ok,this is how we work with the factory. Everytime they send us new arrival notice,they do indicate clearly on the material section whether it is made of leather,pig skin leather,PU leather,cow leather etc...And we NEVER upload those shoes that were tagged with "Pig Skin Lining" in our gallery :)

Additional info I got from someone:
To check whether it is pig skin, burn some of the inner shoe to make sure its not leather..
If the burn smells like plastic.. It is not pig skin lining...

Also,another info I got from someone who went to a 'Halal' seminar organized by JAKIM,Malaysia,
it takes more than just 3 dots to certify whether or not it is pig skin. And it's not just a normal 3 hole.

Secondly,We have checked with the factory,Why does the 3 dots still appear on the shoes, Why?

They told us that those are man-made leather. They are trying to make these artificial pig skins look more ‘genuine’. Simply because genuine pig skin leather raw material is very expensive… The genuine pig skin shoe would have cost over RM 200++ !!
Also, the way of arranging during production affected the outlook of the shoes. Using PVC and Plastic material during production will create the 3dots looks as well…

The conclusion is we can boldly say that according to the information given by our factory --- Our shoes are NOT made of pig skin.

However,we understand that some of you might still worry if the shoe is made of pig skin.

As we said earlier, we really are not the scholar of pig skin lining.
We cannot check in the science lab whether it’s pig skin lining or not..
We are selling according to the information given by factory.

Therefore, to be fair to both parties,
We feel it is better that if you are sensitive about the Pig Skin Lining issue,
with NO OFFENSE, please DO NOT place order with us.

I think I have made my effort to clear up this I am also very conscious about this issue. We believe that HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY :)

Thank you all for your support,and happy shopping!

PickNKlick Fashion

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